Graphic Designs Services You Should Know


When we hear graphic design, each of us has different thoughts. One person's first thoughts are of web design and mobile apps, another thinks of brochures and business cards, and another thinks about branding identity and packaging. Graphic design is a form of communication, and it concentrates on the way it interprets the messages. In today's world of competitiveness, graphic design services have become an integral component of any company. It plays a significant role in combining technology with aesthetics, design, and imaginative thinking. You can convey your message in a way that will be etched into the minds of your audience. You'll find designs everywhere, from a breakfast cereal box to reserving an apartment to stay in for the holidays if you look around.

However, there is one important aspect to be noted. Each kind of graphic design demands certain abilities and techniques for design. Some designers specialise in one category, while others specialise in the different related types. Although they are often similar, the designers typically focus on a specific area of design and develop their skills over decades. Don't expect the web designer to perform the highest quality editing videos like an experienced professional has been doing for a long time.

We have listed below 8 kinds of graphic design to help you comprehend the design process better and assist you in selecting the design professional with the appropriate capabilities for the job. Let's get started


Visual Identity is Graphic Design Services


Graphic Designs Services


No matter how medium, large or small, each business has its narrative to relate to. People who visit their business to listen to their story must have the brand's identity. Visual Identity graphic design is the visual component of brand identity that serves as a company's image to convey these intangible characteristics through shapes, images, and colours. Designers specialising in the professional graphic design services of visual identity develop assets such as logos and colours, typography, and image collections that express the brand's character. Alongside the formal memorandum and business cards, the designers usually create visual brand guidelines that define the best practices and give examples of applying visual branding across different media.

Graphic designers for visual identity should have a broad understanding of all kinds of graphic design to produce design elements that work across all media. They must also have an excellent ability to communicate, as well as creativity and conceptual skills and a keen interest in studying organisations, industries trends, and competitors. Graphic designers who design visual identity typically are also trained in advertising and marketing graphic design services. When designing the visual identity, the designer should consider how it might be used later in advertising and marketing.


Graphic Design Aspects Marketing and Advertising


Graphic Designs Services


Advertisements are everywhere. They bombard us with TV screens, scream on store shelves, and spray paint every available space in public spaces. The outcome of any effective advertising campaign is selling the item or service advertised by the advertiser. Have you ever thought about what it takes to craft an effective campaign and an appealing advertisement that conveys the message? Marketing designers require exceptional communication, problem-solving and the ability to manage time. They should be familiar with the product and service they represent and with the lifestyles of their targeted audiences. This means that they collaborate with directors, company owners, managers, or marketing professionals to design materials to implement marketing strategies. They could work as a team or in a group in-house or creative team obviously, it all depends on the budget allocated in the advertisement itself.

The design of marketing and advertising can be classified into printed advertisements we see on billboards, posters, flyers, catalogues, cardboard stands, packaging, and any printed material that goes through the printing equipment. It can also be split into digital advertisements that can be seen on TV ads and phones as banners, videos and promotions on social networks and radio commercials. Get in touch with ExpoBird to have professional graphic designer services.


Motion Graphic Design 


Motion graphic design is now an actual trend, and there is an increasing need for companies to showcase their services and products using short animated videos. In addition to marketing purposes, animations are utilised in applications, video games banners, animated text, subtitles, and more. The current craze for popularity includes a GIF that young people widely use. 3D artists are skilled with technical and computer skills. In addition to photography, they use various computer-aided programs, and they are also educated on lighting effects and animation methods.

Your brand encompasses more than your logo. In reality, your logo is a crucial component that defines your company. With our professional graphic design services, We can assist you in creating your logo as a part of an integrated brand that is consistent across various applications.

ExpoBird will create a brand identity that effectively communicates your message and attracts your ideal customers. Using our graphic design services, clients receive attractive collateral and well-designed graphics that can be utilised in almost any way.


Engaging Package Graphic Design


The packaging serves a dual function, protecting the product during storage, selling and distributing, and providing direct information to customers, making it a highly effective marketing tool. Packaging designers develop designs, create mockups, and create print-ready files for the product. This requires an in-depth knowledge of printing processes and a knowledge of manufacturing and industrial design. They need to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments. Imagine a product sold in a retail store alongside its competitors with the same style and colour, and it doesn't stand out from the rest, and consumers cannot recognize it or be able to notice it at all. Packaging should be unique and stand out. It should entice consumers to purchase this particular product.


Web Design


Graphic Designs Services


You've probably been familiar with the terms UI and UX, But can you understand what it is exactly? User interface (UI) is how the user interacts with a device or an application. The UI concept is creating interfaces that are simple to use and provide an enjoyable experience for users. A UI encompasses all the devices that users interact with, such as the keyboard, the screen and the mouse. But when it comes to visual design, UI designs focus on the user's visual experience and the design of the on-screen graphic elements such as buttons, menus, and many more. Our UI designers are specialists in desktop and mobile applications, web-based games and other applications. They collaborate closely with UX (user experiences) designers who create how the app works and UI programmers who write the code needed to implement it.

The mobile sector is growing rapidly. With a great mobile app, you are not only responsible for making your app look attractive but also for establishing a bond between the app and the users. Professional graphic designers and app designers are knowledgeable of the current fashions. We will create an app with a stylish interface, flawless icons, and stunning art.

ExpoBird will create a brand identity that effectively communicates your message and attracts your ideal customers. Using our graphic design services, clients receive attractive collateral and well-designed graphics that can be utilised in almost any way.