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ExpoBird offers all types of advertising or marketing services for social media in Karachi and Pakistan. So geared up with ExpoBird and have everything on one platform.

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Facebook Marketing

Make the most out of 1.62 million daily active users on Facebook and grab it all.
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Instagram Marketing

Turn your audience crazy with mind blowing stories on Instagram and win the heart of all.
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WhatsApp Marketing

Market your product with outstanding catalogue through WhatsApp business and book more orders thanever before.
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Pinterest Marketing

Now share images and keep save so share for longer. Other features to activate your social media byGiFs and short video.
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Our Clients

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There can never be the right time to advertise your product or service on social media than now. You are playing your cards wrong if you have not considered going online yet. When everyone in your family and around you is making decisions based on what they learn on the internet, especially social media, then don't you think your target audience is doing the same. So stop wasting your time and set up a meeting for social media marketing services.

Social Media Marketing is for industries of all types in Karachi and across Pakistan


Builders and Developers

All builders and developers in Karachi and Pakistan have a strong profile. This is primarily one of the reasons why you need to have a strong presence for social media advertising. With ExpoBird as your digital marketing company in Pakistan, you can reach out to millions of prospects for your flats, apartments, villas, and double-story units, etc.

Fashion designing

Clothing and Fashion

All brands are selling their apparel on social media like hotcakes. Irrespective of their page likes, they are now of an opinion that their survival now relies more on online shopping stores than retail outlets. A recent upward shift in online purchasing from different stores denotes that social media marketing is the only in hand solution that can take your brand to the next level. Contact ExpoBird today to have an appealing digital media presence that reaches to masses all over Karachi and across Pakistan.

Hotels and restaurant

Restaurants and Fast Food Chains

Give me one name that is not on Facebook. You will not find a single restaurant that has not created an online profile for their advantage. And why not? Fast food chains and restaurants have a very strong customer base. The word-of-mouth marketing is their strongest weapon for social media advertisements. Foodies and passionate lovers now order more from home or any other place than actually dining-in on the basis of reviews and comments made public on social media. For this reason, you have to have an online presence that can take your brand name beyond expectations. Why not set up a meeting today and reap the benefits of the industry that is booming in Karachi and across Pakistan?

E-commerce Stores

As you also know that now more and more businesses have entered into online shopping stores. They are spending heavily on having their own ecommerce store rather than relying on someone else. Number one reason is people now order more products from home than any other way. Seeing this charm of online medium, they have found themselves in a win-win situation for their businesses in Pakistan. Recent economical changes all around the world, investors in Pakistan now feel that this is the right time to capture the market share not only in Pakistan, but also beyond the continents. If you are one of those with sufficient capital, ring us a bell. We will help you to connect with customers from all around the world where your local brand will be transformed into an international one.

Business Development

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

If you ask us what is the best time to go digital, we would say it is NOW! And we will also say it is Now or Never. When everyone around you is on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, what is stopping you from having your online presence. Is it the budget? Is it the fear of going online? Is it the dynamics of social media? What is it? With ExpoBird as your social media marketing agency in Karachi and across Pakistan, you do not need to worry for anything. We have got your back all the time. Instead, we do it all in your budget. So what else do you want? Call us now and set up a meeting because your online prospects are waiting for you.

Mobile advertising and branding

Mobile Brands and Accessories

In the last few years, we have witnessed many entrepreneurs introducing new smart phones in collaboration with different investors. These emerging brands set a very high budget for social media marketing all across Pakistan. They know that this is the easy and only way where they can directly get connected with potential customers. They create hype for their brands by making mind-boggling videos that touch the sentiments of the target audience. We, being the leader of social media advertisement in Karachi and Pakistan, will create videos that will turn your audience crazy for your brand. Schedule a call now and let’s move ahead.


When you have done all right with ExpoBird as your partner, your business will experience numerous benefits. High conversion rate, most engagements, increase in ROI, more demand for your product are few to name.This will be the time where you scale up and go to the next level all over Pakistan. So leave us a message now to enjoy such economies of scale.

Stand Out !!!

Now is the time to distinguish your brand and capture high market share with our social media marketing agency

Our team at ExpoBird is well-versed with the needs and wants of brands for social media marketing and digital marketing. This will allow you to classify your niche in the right direction and earn a greater market share for your product or service.

Our Work Process

Understanding client’s needs and goals for our service.


Taking assets from the clients such as logo, icons and other data necessary for our work.


Our team go all out on the work expected from us by the client.


Delivery of artwork and publishing it on all social media platforms.


Is your Social Media Marketing SMART?

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What Our Clients say about our Top Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan and our digital service for them

ExpoBird has helped Oxford to reach to the next level. With their continuous support, we aim to become number one brand in Pakistan.

Yousuf Sattar

We have been associated with ExpoBird since many years. They have been taking great care of our brand on digital platforms. We recommend them to everyone around our circle.

Hanif Memon
CEO Memon Group

Expobird has been entertaining us for a long time; they have provided excellent quality with commitment. We acquired SEO services from ExpoBird, and the results surprised us. We have jumped to new levels, and working with ExpoBird has been an absolute delight.

Uzair Ahmed
Director of Insignia Advisory

Bringing ExpoBird on board for our digital presence was one of our best decisions as they have helped us to transform our brand. For this reason, we have made them responsible for our another brand as well.

Ibrahim Memon


Why Advertise On Social Network Marketing?  

Not advertising on social media platforms would mean you have a very high chance to let your potential customers go to your competitors and end up losing high market share that you could turn in your favor otherwise.

Which Social Media Platform To Use For Advertisement?  

All the platforms. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, you ought to have an online presence on every single platform. This will allow you to reduce your business risk.

How Often Posting Shall Be Done On Social Media?  

ExpoBird offers different packages that deal with minimum or maximum posting schedules. The packages are client favorite because it shows the clear picture that makes up mostly every client's moods. Packages are hence offered because some businesses are just active and want to post on special occasions. Moreover, others want to be regularly active to increase their followers, sales and also propose their offers.etc.

Which Marketing Platforms ExpoBird Offers For Advertisement?  

We offer Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing

Do I Really Need To Run Ads On Social Media?  

It is a fact that the use of social media is gradually increasing; to follow the lead and want to be on top, it becomes necessary to post an ad on social media. We can say that it's a worthy investment which has a fruitful return.

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