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2D animation

Create colorful and eye-catchy 2D animations videos that have a dazzling impact on the minds of customersand change their decision in your favor.
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3D animation

Make 3D animations videos that will give you an extremely realistic feel with inspirational scenes andhigh definition sound for your business.
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Animation explainer videos

Explain your business, product, or service with compelling and interactive animated explainer videosthat will win the hearts of your customers.
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Animation infographics video

With appealing images and engaging scenes, you can now deliver your business idea through animatedinfographics video to grab the viewer's attention.
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Cartoon animation

Create videos based on animated cartoon characters that will be not only worth watching it,but it will be fun with learning.
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Custom logo animation

Attract your customers by the powerful motion of logo animation and grab their attention with youreye-catching logo that will blow their minds.
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ExpoBird creates top animation and explainer videos for businesses of all types in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and across Pakistan. Now you can say it all with interactive animated videos that touch your audience's hearts.

Healthy Experience

High engagement and better understanding

With the sound team of experts, we create 2D and 3D explainer videos that deliver results most desirably. Now you can explain your business model, how your business cycle works, share what you feel for your customers, discuss corporate social responsibility and give a demonstration on how your product or service works and many more.

Customize and flexible

Modern tools enable ExpoBird to defer your work from competitors!

ExpoBird is exceptional in creating animated characters that are entirely new. Your provided undefined story will produce in ways that you have never imagined and captivated a larger audience.


You should also make animated and explainer videos because your competitors are. They target your potential clients and existing customers with creative animated videos that build a company profile of your competitors into their minds knowingly and unknowingly. Eventually, they will show more trust and faithfulness towards other brands, and all your current customer base will be shifted to your competitors. This is the last thing that you will want for your business.


What Our Clients say about our Top Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan and our digital service for them

ExpoBird has helped Oxford to reach to the next level. With their continuous support, we aim to become number one brand in Pakistan.

Yousuf Sattar

We have been associated with ExpoBird since many years. They have been taking great care of our brand on digital platforms. We recommend them to everyone around our circle.

Hanif Memon
CEO Memon Group

Expobird has been entertaining us for a long time; they have provided excellent quality with commitment. We acquired SEO services from ExpoBird, and the results surprised us. We have jumped to new levels, and working with ExpoBird has been an absolute delight.

Uzair Ahmed
Director of Insignia Advisory

Bringing ExpoBird on board for our digital presence was one of our best decisions as they have helped us to transform our brand. For this reason, we have made them responsible for our another brand as well.

Ibrahim Memon


Do Animated Videos Really Help My Business To Reach The Target Audience?  

Animated videos are one of the most interactive ways to reach your target audience. With short animated videos, you can spread your word all over Pakistan. They have the potential to reach almost everyone and everywhere and at any time. You are not bound by any boundaries, culture, race, religion, or time that confine your reach. You have the power as to where on Earth you want your name to be heard. Before your competitors reach your target audience, we would instead arrive at the first and convert them into your customers.

Can Video Ads On Social Media Help My Potential Customers For Conversions?  

Video ads play a crucial role when it comes to conversions of potential customers. With your videos, you can set a long and lasting impression into the minds of your customers. You can create an original video based on your clients' preferences, needs, and habits. You can animate the video in such a way that primarily focuses on the problem of your niche and mass market that will resultantly bring you more conversions and hence, more sales for your business. Any time is the right time to solve your niche's problems and make them your loyal customers. So rush now and get free consultancy.

How Animated Explainer Videos Help Grow My Business By 200% How It Can Help Your Marketing Strategy?  

Animated videos can play a vital role to grow your business if you play your cards right. Videos that are made with a thorough understanding of the nature of a business, keeping audience habits and preferences in mind, and promoted with right intent and intensity, then higher are the chances that people will buy it. It is all about creating awareness, interest, desire, and action for your product or service. We all know that they are in need of different things but only that video that is presented in an interactive way will take the lead and more would be the chances that it will end up with higher sales at the end of the day. Therefore, it is a mix of marketing strategy and production that will help your business grow by 200%.

Can Brand Development Be Easily Promoted Through Animated Videos?  

Animated videos can assist your business in brand development that no other thing can for a vast majority of businesses. For instance, you can create a character that faces similar problems like your target audience. You can show what he goes through in daily life because of the problems. Now you can highlight those problems and offer a solution for their needs with the help of animated videos. This will help you to create a buyer persona and the audience will relate themselves with that character you used in the video which will create a personal touch and personalize your brand for them.

Brand Establishment  

Secondly, you can use elements of branding such as font, texts, colors, and slogans in your videos that will help your customers make affiliation with your business and further establish the link with your brand whenever and wherever they go through and experience these elements.

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